The best part of adopting Yuna is knowing that she was given a second chance. Helen & Judd Yuna, previously Rosie, was on the euthanasia list at a high kill…


Kobe was found wandering the streets of Korea and taken to a kill shelter. Someone rescued him and put him in a kennel instead. And so, his journey to Canada began!


Bomi had a hard life for such a young dog. Bomi was found chained with 4 puppies, and no food or water. AKR brought all of them to our care.


Nala had been left on the street with a “take me” sign. She waited for her owner, but no one came until she was rescued by Adopt Korean Rescue.


Ruby was raised to be sold to Korea’s dog meat market. Luckily, two kind-hearted passersby rescued her from her situation.


Minnow was rescued from a factory with her siblings and a litter of puppies after their owner had passed away. She spent some time in a shelter, and then with her amazing foster family for a couple months before coming to Canada.


Gongju was found on the streets of South Korea 6 years ago. She was very lucky to have people who looked out for her during that time.