Yuna, previously Rosie, was on the euthanasia list at a high kill shelter in Korea with her siblings. Rescued after surviving an outbreak of parvovirus at the city shelter, AKR helped her get the treatment she needed to chart a better course in life with a caring foster home. Fast forward to October 28, 2021, Yuna bravely flew all the way to Vancouver, BC, where Helen L. and Judd M. were waiting for her.

Helen noticed her friend had been liking AKR’s Facebook posts and it piqued her interest. She joined the Adopt Korean Rescue FB group and started to see all of the Korean dog stories. One day, a little white Jindo mix puppy named Rosie was posted, and Helen’s heart just melted!

The best part of adopting Yuna is knowing that she was given a second chance.

Helen & Judd
a white jindo-mix puppy named Yuna on a carrier
Time for Yuna’s car ride home!

After picking her up at the airport, Yuna’s new brothers Hitch, a cat, and Weiwei, a bird, were waiting for her in her new home. Of course there was a romp in backyard! Along with plenty of treats and belly rubs, new toys, and a few warm bed selections to rock her day. Knowing that she was given a second chance is Helen and Judd’s favourite part of having rescued Yuna. It has only been 2 weeks and they can’t imaging life without her.

Yuna playing with her chew toys
Must have all the toys!

Adopting is about saving the life of a beautiful soul. They consider shopping for dogs only exacerbates the overpopulation issue and takes away the opportunity for a wonderful dog to find a loving home. Helen and Judd feel that every aspect of the adoption process went very smoothly. And love the support they’ve received from AKR and fellow adopters/fosters!

Yuna is now a 7 months old puppy that will do anything for chicken and absolutely hates getting wet. She wonders why she was adopted out to rainy Vancouver, but forgives AKR for their choice because she has such an awesome home!

Yuna sitting wearing her eco rain jacket
Yuna showing off her Raincouver gear

You can follow Yuna’s adventures on her Instagram:!

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Last modified: April 4, 2024