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Kobe was found wandering the streets of Korea and taken to a kill shelter. Someone rescued him and put him in a kennel instead. And so, his journey to Canada began!

Kobe laying down with his toys, wearing a bowtie

Kobe, previously Guru, was found wandering on the street in South Korea and was being taken to a kill shelter. Someone rescued him and put him in a kennel instead. That’s where his journey to his forever home in Canada began! When he arrived, he was fostered in Vancouver for two months before Cynthia found her way to him.

Cynthia prefers to adopt so she can help stranded or rescued dogs. As such, last July, she found herself navigating pet adoption websites and found Kobe, and she sent her application right away. She did a meet and greet, and she loved him so much right away! On August 4, 2021, Kobe got on the car with Cynthia and drove together to his forever home.

Kobe and his tennis ball
Kobe ready to play

She sat with him on the back seat while her husband drove and started to get to know each other. When they arrived home, they let Kobe loose to play in the backyard for a while. It didn’t take him long to go up the stairs inside the house on his own!

While he showed some aggression towards other dogs when he first came home, he has come such a long way with lots of training and love. He’s such a quick learner and food-motivated, which is a fun combo when training a new dog. And, in return, they get cuddles and lots of love from Kobe.

Kobe and his bowtie
The cutest dog in a bow tie

You can follow Kobe’s adventures on his Instagram: @kobe_the_jindo!

Last modified: December 2, 2021