Why adopt a Korean dog?

Save a life

Save a dog from the dog meat trade or high-kill shelters in South Korea

Love goes both ways

You will provide them a home, they will give you unconditional love in return

About Us

Adopt Korean Rescue is a volunteer-based federally registered not-for-profit organization dedicated to helping homeless and unwanted dogs in South Korea to find new home in Canada.

Happy Tails

Gongju was found on the streets of South Korea 6 years ago. She was very lucky to have people who looked out for her during that time, and as a result, she is incredibly loving, and loyal.



Minnow was rescued from a factory with her siblings and a litter of puppies after their owner had passed away. She spent some time in a shelter, and then with her amazing foster family for a couple months before coming to Canada.



Nellie was rescued from a meat farm in S. Korea. She was never socialized properly, lived in a house with access to a yard, or even been in a car. We are moving slowly, but it's been amazing watching her extreme anxiety slowly ebb out of her.



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    South Korea, Vancouver, BC and Toronto, ON
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    Adopt Korean Rescue's founder, Su Lee, would like to celebrate her belated birthday and raise money for the dogs suffering in Korea. Last month, AKR Korea rescued about 20 dogs from the Wanju meat farm, and are planning to rescue 40 more dogs.

    One of the dogs gave birth to 3 puppies after being rescued and we need get them medical care, neutralizations, and vaccinations, as well as foster homes or facilities. The cost is at least $5,000 every month! But we can't just turn our heads away. Even after everything they've experienced, they still love people and ask for pets from humans.

    Please join our cause! Every little bit helps and makes a big impact on their lives. You can donate directly by PayPal or Interac E-Transfer using [email protected], through our GoFundMe fundraiser, and within Korea at Woori Bank 1005-304-252679 (AKR Korea).