As a non-profit, at Adopt Korean Rescue we feel honoured and privileged for the continued support we receive from our community. We are pleased to showcase our friends who make it paw-sible for AKR to continue saving dogs.


Please support those who are helping us making a difference!


Canadian Web Hosting

Canadian Web Hosting is the leader in web and cloud hosting in Canada. 100% owned and operated in Canada since 1998, it has helped big and small organizations succeed in their online ventures. Sometimes, this extends beyond just providing a secure server environment.


Canadian Web Hosting is proud to support AKR in our mission to help homeless and unwanted dogs in South Korea. By providing a web hosting platform for our website, we are able to connect our dogs with their forever homes in Canada.

Angel and her husband, Marko, have been dog owners for over 20 years. They have helped foster many dogs, including AKR’s lovely Rose. Currently, the couple has five dogs of their own as they recently adopted their latest AKR foster dogs, Marin and Dalie.


The couple’s love of dogs has encouraged them to help other dog owners by offering their home as a comfortable place for a dog to stay at. Both daycare and boarding services are available from their home in Vancouver, BC.

The Arts Conservatory and Renaissance Academy have supported AKR ever since Beckett came into Shirley, the CEO’s life through AKR. They have organized educational campaigns about the realities of dogs in Korea and rescue dog organizations with their students as well as fundraisers with the students’ parents.

By encouraging children to show empathy towards animals and the people involved in the cause, this will naturally progress into empathy towards greater society. As a fervent champion of the arts, Linda hopes to pass her love of the fine arts to future generations so that the knowledge may be safeguarded and the spark kept alive.

Vancouver Veterinary Hospital has been serving the Greater Vancouver area since 1935, and is proud to help provide quality healthcare for the fosters and adopted dogs of Adopt Korean Rescue. Every team member at Vancouver Veterinary Hospital has animals who have been rescued or adopted so their hearts go out to the many homeless animals who are still awaiting a second chance in life.


By working with AKR, they hope to make at least a small difference and give back to their community. As such, AKR adopters can get a free first exam and an ongoing 10% discount on their products services. Please contact AKR to avail this generous offer.

Annette’s Charcuterie is a small charcuterie business located in the Lower Mainland in BC. Annette offers a wide variety of charcuterie boxes, graze tables, high tea and ‘jar’-cuterie.


In January 2022, Annette adopted her beautiful Jindo mix, Moon​, through AKR. When Moon was ready to come to Canada, Annette had a family emergency and she wasn’t sure if she could get her on time. Su and the volunteer team worked it out so she could arrive a few weeks later to accommodate her. From there, the process was so smooth and heartwarming that she wanted to help AKR back.


Annette is happy to be part of the AKR community and has helped our fundraisers by donating some proceeds from her sales. When pre-booking, mention AKR and 10% of the profits from your order will be donated to AKR.

Healing Fur Souls is all about Reiki and natural health for dogs. They take the time to explore your pet’s diet, environment, exposures to toxins, medications, stressors and overall health patterns. They will also assess for weaknesses in your pet’s subtle energies to help identify early signs of imbalance, and then develop a holistic treatment plan for your pet.


While at this time they aren’t taking new clients, Healing Fur Souls are graciously offering a 10% discount on their products with code KoreaSouls10. You can also check out their blog and read their guides – we are featured on their blog!

Gems and Nuggets was born out of an obsession with dogs and a passion for helping those who lose their lives simply because they’re unable to find loving homes. Join Gems & Nuggets in creating a wonderful future by creating a beautiful portrait of your cherished pet. We promise your heart will melt each time you enter the room!


Gems & Nuggets wholeheartedly believes that every pet deserves a portrait and every homeless pet deserves a loving home. Our hope is that your pet portrait will bring you joy each time you walk into the room AND help a pet in need. When you place your order, use code ADOPTKOREANRESCUE and 20% of the profits from your order will be donated to AKR.

For inquiries, please contact us.