Congratulations on deciding to adopt and save a Korean dog!

Do you feel you meet the requirements for adopting one of our adoptable dogs? If so, please review our adoption process below and then fill out the application form. Give yourself some time to complete it as it is quite detailed. The more information we have, the better we can assure that the dog you are interested in will be a good match. We respect your privacy and we will not share your details outside the organization.

Adoption Process

  1. Carefully review the profile of the dog(s) you are interested in adopting to determine if it’s the right fit. If you can’t find a specific dog, you can still apply and we will do our best to match you with a compatible dog based on your responses.
  2. Complete the adoption application form and one of our volunteers will review it.
  3. Once received, our team will review the application to determine suitability/eligibility. If selected, one of our volunteers will contact you to conduct a virtual interview and home check.
  4. Following a satisfactory interview and home check, a volunteer will complete all necessary reference checks.
  5. If approved, the adopter must sign the adoption agreement and pay the adoption fee as outlined below.
  6. Once all documentation is complete and the initial deposit is confirmed, one of our volunteers will arrange the travel plan for the dog and advise the confirmed time/date once it becomes available.
  7. Read our Safety Guide in preparation to your dog’s arrival.
  8. All done! Now, it’s time to meet your dog at the airport!  

Adoption Fees

Adult Dogs & Neutralized Puppies


(Under 6 years)


Intact Puppies

(3-6 months)


Senior Dogs

(7+ years)


The adoption fee includes:

* The deposit is refundable and it is applied toward the adoption fee. Deposit refund is subject to the conditions outlined below.

** The neutralization fee is only refundable with proof of neutralization

All listed fees are the same in Canadian Dollars (CAD) or US Dollars (USD), based on your local currency, due to the higher costs associated with dogs entering US airports. This means that Canadian residents pay the adoption fee in CAD and US residents in USD.

What does the adoption fee include?

Adoptions take time and resources to process and complete, and our extensive adoption process helps us ensure we find the best fit for each dog. Our total cost to rescue a single dog averages $2,000 to $5,000, and the adoption fee assists in covering these costs, which include:

  • Medical expenses: Vaccinations, complete deworming and heartworm tests, flea/tick/heartworm prevention, spaying/neutering, microchip implantation, and any additional medical care needed to prepare the dog for adoption.
  • Housing: From the moment of rescue, the dog is cared for, housed, and fed.
  • Ground transportation: This includes the cost of transporting the dog from the shelter to the airport in South Korea.
  • Travel needs: cargo crate or carrier for transportation, a collar, a harness, and two leashes.
  • Departure inspection and certified health certificate: The fee helps cover the cost of mandatory inspections and the issuance of a certified health certificate.
  • Flight-associated costs: These include the cost of the flight itself and any related boarding fees, if applicable.
  • Tractive GPS tracker with a 1 year subscription

Our adoption fee is refundable after 3 months IF the dog is not the right fit

In the initial 3 month-period, the dog will be adapting to their new environment and they deserve a patient home where they can relax and open up. If after 3 months you feel the dog is not the right fit and would prefer the dog to be rehomed, the adoption fee will be refunded and we will find another good home for the dog. There is no fee for rehoming a dog.


If after 1 year and/or the adopter’s circumstances change and the adopter is unable to take care of the dog, the adoption fee will be non-refundable and AKR will find another good home for the dog.


You will need to sign a formal surrender agreement, and a rehoming fee of $150 will be required.

We cannot guarantee the temperament of our dogs as temperament is often affected by their environment and circumstances. Dogs and other pets are diverse, unpredictable living beings, just like people. We appreciate your patience and working with your dog to come out of their shell and enjoying their life at their fullest.

We don’t normally provide foster-to-adopt options, unless the dog is really in need of fostering in Canada/US before adoption. Letting the dogs transition directly into their forever homes results in the most stress-free adaptation process. Our dogs cannot be used as a trial, and this is why our adoption fee is refundable: we need your commitment!

Animal Welfare is Our Top Priority

The adoption processes & procedures are structured to ensure a minimal negative impact/experience for the rescued dogs. We appreciate your understanding and patience.

When Your New Best Friend Comes Home

Safety Guide. Please read our Safety Guide in preparation for your furry friend’s arrival.

Dog GPS tracker. As part of dog safety, AKR recommends our adopters to consider having a GPS device to be able to track their dogs in case of an accident. While you get to bond with your new dog, some situations could scare your dog and cause them to flee on your regular morning walk, and being able to find them quick will be easier with a GPS tracker. For this reason, AKR has partnered with Tractive, a GPS tracker company. All of our adopters and fosters are provided with a free GPS tracker with a 1-year subscription.

Microchip. Please update your dog’s microchip information to ensure it can be properly identified at 24PetWatch: or 1.866.597.2424.
Pet Insurance. We recommend purchasing pet insurance — the choice is ultimately yours, of course. To help you along the way, AKR has partnered with Trupanion, a pet insurance provider, and they offer all of our adopters free coverage for 30 days following their initial veterinary exam. For more information, download the PDF with the full details of the promotion.