Bomi had a hard life for such a young dog. She was found chained outside with her 4 puppies, and no food or water. AKR brought all of them to our care and thus started Bomi’s journey to Canada.

With so many dogs out there in need of care and a loving home, RC opted for rescuing instead of shopping for a purebred dog. Plus, mixed breeds have such interesting characteristics and personalities you would miss out on otherwise. When she saw Bomi’s post on AKR’s Facebook page back in August 2021, RC did not hesitate!

Ever since coming home, RC admits that she has been spoiling Bomi. She feels she has gained a new best friend, and that bond knows no limits!

Ahh, much better!

To RC, it has been so rewarding seeing Bomi grow into herself and become so much more comfortable in her home. As she spent a long time in a short chain, they have had to work on some of her reactivity issues and leash walking training. But the training has helped them grow and strengthen their bond as time goes on and as they get to know each other.

Bomi is such a sweet girl! She loves hiking, playing fetch, and sharing apples with mom. RC and her family are so happy and grateful that Bomi found her way to Canada and into their hearts.

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