Thank you for your interest in fostering for AKR!

Fostering is an amazing opportunity to help dogs adjust to home life in Canada while awaiting their forever home. By becoming a foster, you are agreeing to take in a homeless dog and giving them love, attention, care and training for an unspecified period of time while waiting for their forever home.

Fostering is NOT a way to “try-out” a dog with your family before deciding if you want to adopt the dog. Dogs in foster care are considered to be 100% available and will still be promoted as we actively try to find the dog a permanent home.

When are fosters needed?

There are a few circumstances when fosters are needed:


Sometimes, a Flight Volunteer is unexpectedly able to bring more than one dog on the plane. As a general rule, we only bring a dog to Canada once he or she has an approved adopter. However, getting a dog on a plane is a valuable gift that we cannot pass up, and in that instance we will need to find the dog a temporary home (i.e. a foster home) until a permanent home is found.


Other times, a foster home would be needed during a rehoming request. This requires the dog to be moved from their current home into a foster home as soon as possible.


We don’t normally provide foster-to-adopt options, unless the dog is really in need of fostering in Canada/US before adoption. Letting the dogs transition directly into their forever homes results in the most stress-free adaptation process. Our dogs cannot be used as a trial, and this is why our adoption fee is refundable: we need your commitment!

How much does it cost?

AKR covers all costs of a dog in foster care. We provide the leash, collar, crate and food. We also pay for approved vet visits and additional expenses, which must be pre-approved by the Foster Coordinator, unless in the case of an emergency. We do NOT provide treats, bed or toys, although some dogs may arrive with some of these items.

To get started, please fill out the foster application below. We want the best for our dogs, so our foster application process is very similar to our adoption process.

Having trouble accessing the application? Click here to access it directly.