Ruby was raised to be sold to Korea’s dog meat market and was forced to have two babies at the age of 2. Luckily, two kind-hearted passersby rescued her from her situation. When she was found, she was living in a dirty, dark trailer all on her own for more than 24 hours at a time.

Trailer where Ruby was found

Seeing the horrible conditions in which Ruby was living in motivated Alison to adopt Ruby. Despite her past, she is amazed at how gentle, caring, fun and sweet Ruby is. She hopes to provide Ruby a beautiful life in order to make up for all the hardships she has been through.

Look at that smile!

When Alison started looking for a dog in August 2021, she came across several Instagram pages for adopting dogs. She contacted several organizations, but Adopt Korean Rescue was, according to her, the most responsive and caring out of them all. From that point, she knew that this was the group she wanted to rescue from. Alison is a first time rescue dog owner and is glad that AKR has been helpful before, during, and after the adoption process.

Ruby being spoiled in her forever home

She welcomed Ruby into her home with lots of love, treats, and toys! Seeing how happy she is now compared to her previous life is the best part of having adopted her. She wishes she could adopt more dogs and help them!

Ruby checking out the local wildlife

You can follow Ruby’s adventures on her Instagram: @rubybb_jindo!