Nala looking happily at the camera

Nala, previously Happy, had been left on the streets of Korea with a “take me” sign. She waited for her owner to come back, but no one came for her until she was rescued by Adopt Korean Rescue (AKR).

So many dogs are left unattended and they also need a bit of love and caring. Rescue dogs can be great companions with excellent temperament. It would be a shame not to adopt one! Luckily for Grace, she matched with Nala within a month.

There was a long intake form, which I appreciated because it goes to show how much AKR cares about the homes the dogs will live in.


Training an adult dog can be tricky, and Grace wants to give Nala the best possible life. As such, she enrolled her in dog training classes so she can play and socialize with other dogs in her neighbourhood. Seeing her growth day by day, and the amount of love and affection Nala has to offer, makes Grace happy.

You can follow Nala’s adventures on her Instagram and see her progress:!

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Last modified: January 18, 2024