The best part of life with Minnow is coming home from work. She is so excited to see me, and it is the best thing to come home to!


Minnow, previously Vivi, was rescued in S. Korea from a factory along with her siblings and a litter of puppies after their owner had passed away. She spent some time in a shelter, and then with her amazing foster family for a couple months before coming to Canada.

Minnow curled up on Lindsay's lap while getting head scratches
Minnow receiving cuddles

Lindsay found a posting from Adopt Korean Rescue on a Vancouver Adoptable page and connected with Su, who thought Minnow would be a perfect fit for them. As they live in Victoria, they had to take the ferry to the mainland for a day in order to pick her up at the airport.

Minnow wearing a yellow raincoat to stay dry
Minnow in her raincoat to stay dry in this BC weather

Minnow has a lot of anxiety, and when she first arrived, she spent a lot of time hiding under tables. Lindsay and her family were worried about how she would adjust to her new life, but now, 2 months later, she has come so far and is happy and healthy!

Lindsay had always wanted a dog, but never had one. She waited for Minnow for 28 years, and she is perfect for them!

Minnow laying down being cute
So fluffy!

After looking for the right fit for so long, Lindsay was worried they wouldn’t find one. Adopt Korean Rescue is delighted to have brought Lindsay’s family and Minnow together for their happily furvever after!

You can follow Minnow’s adventures on her Instagram: @itsminnow!