Nellie, previously Shine, was rescued from a meat farm in South Korea. Brenda has been doing dog rescue for years as she finds it very rewarding, and prior to finding Nellie, she had recently rescued a Labrador mix from Belize.

Brenda connected with Adopt Korean Rescue as she was looking for another Lab similar in age and size to her rescue from Belize, and Nellie was the perfect match! She’s a wonderful dog!

Nellie hiding in a dog crate
Nellie when she was found in S. Korea

When Nellie first came home, she was terrified, but it’s only been a few months so Brenda is patiently working with her to improve her life. She was never socialized properly, lived in a house with access to a yard, or ever been in a car.

Arrival day!

While it’s been difficult to see Nellie be terrified of her husband, Brenda is enjoying working with her and watching her extreme anxiety and fear slowly ebb out of her.

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