Monkey was found laying on the side of the road. His skin and fur needed lots of care, and his foster did just that and get him ready for adoption ❤️ All of that was happening while Tiffany was looking for a companion for her senior blind dog. And although a puppy wasn’t ideal, she still wanted to give a dog a loving home. This is hers and Monkey’s story.

Monkey and his fur-brother Rocky

I contacted Su, a volunteer at AKR, about a dog that was being fostered in Canada. Together, we discussed the criteria she needed as I have children and cats to take into consideration. Su informed me of a match better suited for our family, but the dog was still in Korea. After I had a chance to check out the Instagram account made by the foster in Korea, I also agreed he would be a great fit for our family. Luckily, Monkey was ready to come to Canada within a week!

It was a good thing that I trusted the process, this team definitely knows their dogs! They are so in tune with personalities and characteristics that could really make the difference in adoption. It’s so reassuring to know that they are placing the right pet into the right home!

On July 21, 2021, I headed out to the airport and picked up Monkey by myself so we could have some quiet time. I was hoping to have some quiet time with him after the long 10-hour flight. I didn’t know if he would be scared or nervous so I had brought a lot of items: food, snacks and cleaning supplies. As it turns out, he just wanted to curl up on the seat and sleep for the hour-long ride home.

Upon arriving to his forever home, he met my son outside and, after some time, my husband had come out to greet him as well. We didn’t want him to feel overwhelmed by all of these new people trying to make friends and reaching to him. Meanwhile, my daughter took Rocky out for a walk and brought him around to walk home together with Monkey.

The dogs had a minute to get acquainted before being in the house together under such strange circumstances for Monkey. We gave him time and space to explore the house and, with the weather being so nice, we had a good chance to spend time with him in the backyard throwing the ball and just giving him space and time to adjust.

I don’t even know where to begin with the best part… There are so many! He’s a perfect fit! That’s first I suppose. It has been a tremendously rewarding experience knowing that he has had an opportunity to find a loving forever home. We know that he has been saved from a terrible situation. Watching the growth and physical improvements has been amazing!

I have to say that another best part of adopting him has been being a part of this huge wonderful team of people! I have had an opportunity to get to know Monkey’s foster mom in Korea. We still keep in touch, she cares very much about him and enjoys the updates. She was a key role in answering my multitude of questions prior to his arrival, and beyond! I feel that her knowledge and information helped with Monkey’s transition into our home.

Monkey’s glow up!

Another great part that cannot go unmentioned is being a part of a community that truly cares and supports each other post-adoption. This is an organization that truly cares about each and every animal. Once they have their forever home, there is still love and genuine interest in having the dog and adopters feel supported. The communication prior to adoption, during the travel process, the airport transfer and beyond is insurmountable. I have so much positive feedback that I would recommend anyone to use this rescue. We already know that when our senior dog passes, we will be looking to adopt with this rescue again. Without a doubt!

The hardest part? The wait for him to arrive! Once we decided he was the right fit for our family, the days felt like months!

Tiffany A.

You can follow Monkey’s adventures on his Instagram: @monkey.3.0!

Last modified: March 23, 2024