Freya, previously Momo, was rescued from a kill shelter in South Korea. Last November 9th, she got her freedom flight to Vancouver (YVR), where Rebecca was waiting for her. After picking her up from the airport, they embarked in a long journey to Freya’s furever home in Vancouver Island. She leashed her up and brought her inside, where she immediately snuggled with Rebecca on the carpet.

With so many dogs needing happy homes, being able to provide Freya a second chance means the world to Rebecca and AKR. To her, the best part of adopting Freya has been seeing her overcome her fears! After 2 days and lots of practice, she finally climbed the stairs into her home. And she stopped getting super scared when big trucks and cars drove by! So proud of her and how far she has come!

However, the hardest part so far has been seeing how scared she is of certain things. She accidentally squeaked a toy for the first time on her bed and she refused to sleep on it that night. Sometimes, she gets scared of Rebecca and her family for hours if they do something they didn’t yet know scares her. But through lots of love and patience, Rebecca continues to help Freya get better and enjoy her second chance. She’s so lovable and she wouldn’t change a thing!

You can follow Freya’s adventures on her Instagram: @aye.freya!

Last modified: March 23, 2024