Cluny and his brothers, Mickey and Lala, were found in a cage and sent to a kill shelter in S.Korea. They were in the euthanasia list until Adopt Korean Rescue saved them on October 30, 2020. In February 2021, Cluny got in his crate and took a plane all the way to Vancouver, BC, and found his forever home within a month.

Cluny enjoying a nice fall day in Vancouver

Vanessa chose to adopt as she believes dogs are part of the family, and she would never buy a family member. She wants to help dogs in need to find their loved ones who will take care of them. With that in mind, in the weeks before Cluny came home, she set off to make his new home as comfy as possible. Toys, blankets, bed, food, you name it! Just look how happy he is in his new home from the very first minute:

While training and dealing with dog anxiety is not easy, the feeling of Cluny loving her back makes it all worth it for Vanessa. He is so loved! He has enjoyed so many experiences since arriving to Canada that the shelter days are now just distant memories!

You can follow Cluny’s adventures on his Instagram: @vancitycluny.