Annie was found on the streets of Incheon city with three puppies. They were all taken in by a city shelter and put on a list for euthanasia before Adopt Korean Rescue saved them. Annie also had a heartworm, which she was able to recover from thanks to AKR.

Annie in her forever home, enjoying life on the deck

Leah found AKR through Instagram explore and matched with Annie on December 2020. Without hesitation, she welcomed her at the cargo airport with many treats and blankets. Annie had a great car ride. And, when they arrived home, she was greeted with a new bed, bowls of food and water.

Enjoying the orchard

The biggest changes in Leah’s life when Annie arrived were adjusting to the walking schedules and getting into a new routine to accommodate her outdoor needs. But watching her come out of her shell more and more every day, and enjoy her new life is just the best.

No more bad days for Annie anymore. She’s all smiles!

Seeing the state in which many dogs live on the street is heartbreaking. Leah finds it fulfilling to be able to offer them a better future.

You can follow Annie’s adventures on her Instagram: @alittleshibe!